Baby / Infant Apparel

We invite you to shop our western boutique and select from our western baby clothing for your special baby. Crafted from soft material specifically selected for babys delicate skin, our infant western wear and country style apparel is perfect for those fun outings like the rodeo or countryside picnic!  You'll love the great prices of our cowboy baby clothes...and parents and babies will love the comfortable fabric.

3pc Lil Farmer Set-3pc Lil Farmer Set
3pc Lil Farmer Set
3pc Little Cowboy Shorts Set-3pc Little Cowboy Shorts Set
3pc Little Cowboy Shorts Set
4pc Little Cowboy Pants Set-4pc Little Cowboy Pants Set
4pc Little Cowboy Pants Set
Barn Snapsuit-Barn Snapsuit
Barn Snapsuit
Blue 'Lil' Cowpoke' Five-Piece Layette Set-Blue 'Lil' Cowpoke' Five-Piece Layette Set
Blue 'Lil' Cowpoke' Five-Piece Layette Set
Chambray Bow Back Dress w/ Bloomer-Chambray Bow Back Dress w/ Bloomer
Chambray Bow Back Dress w/ Bloomer
Out of Stock
Chapparel Baby and Toddler Vest-Chapparel Baby and Toddler Vest
Chapparel Baby and Toddler Vest
Chiffon Floral and Lace Dress-Chiffon Floral and Lace Dress
Chiffon Floral and Lace Dress
Chocolate Vintage Frock Dress-Chocolate Vintage Frock Dress
Chocolate Vintage Frock Dress
Denim Diaper Cover-Denim Diaper Cover
Denim Diaper Cover
Flower Denim Dress-Flower Denim Dress
Flower Denim Dress
Green Ditsy Chiffon Dress-Green Ditsy Chiffon Dress
Green Ditsy Chiffon Dress
High Noon Jumper-High Noon Jumper
High Noon Jumper
Horse Tail Long John-Turquoise Long John
Horse Tail Long John
Out of Stock
HOTR Jumper-HOTR Jumper
HOTR Jumper
HOTRTB Baby and Toddler Vest-HOTRTB Baby and Toddler Vest
HOTRTB Baby and Toddler Vest
Ivory Baby Buckaroo Gown-Ivory Baby Buckaroo Gown
Ivory Baby Buckaroo Gown
Ivory Cowboy Pant Set-Ivory Cowboy Pant Set
Ivory Cowboy Pant Set
Ivory Rocking Horse Gown-Ivory Rocking Horse Gown
Ivory Rocking Horse Gown
Polka Dot Corduroy Jumper-Polka Dot Corduroy Jumper
Polka Dot Corduroy Jumper
Pumpkins and Cats Baby Vest-Pumpkins and Cats Baby Vest
Pumpkins and Cats Baby Vest
Red Ultra Suede Skirt-Red Ultra Suede Skirt
Red Ultra Suede Skirt
RR Jumper-RR Jumper
RR Jumper
Silver Horses Baby and Toddler Vest-Silver Horses Baby and Toddler Vest
Silver Horses Baby and Toddler Vest
SOTW Jumper-SOTW Jumper
SOTW Jumper
Tan Ultra Suede Skirt-Tan Ultra Suede Skirt
Tan Ultra Suede Skirt
Tractor Snapsuit-Tractor Snapsuits Creeper
Tractor Snapsuit
Train Snapsuit-Train Snapsuit
Train Snapsuit
Vintage Western Dress (Denim and White)-Vintage Western Dress
Vintage Western Dress (Denim and White)