Theme Park Safety Tips

Theme Park Safety Tips



A popular vacation destination families look forward to, is going to a theme park. If your family is headed to one of these parks, it helps to be aware of the following theme park safety tips. This can help your family to have a great time and worry less about someone being injured or lost.


Before heading out to your favorite theme park, it is important to think about your family’s safety. You’ll also want to think about general first aid and knowing what to do should someone in your family get hurt. You may want to put together a backpack with things you’ll need for the day. If someone is taking medication, be sure to include their medication in your day pack. Snacks are also necessary if anyone in your family is diabetic or hypoglycemic. You’ll want to carry several bottles of water with you. Staying hydrated is important as well.


A general first aid kit is also a excellent thing to take with you. At the very least you’ll want to have a number of bandages in different sizes, as well as an antibiotic cream in case someone gets a cut or scrape. You may want to keep a supply of baby or hand wipes with you. These can be used for more than cleaning your hands. You can use them to wash off a table before eating and wiping down the handles in restrooms. If someone needs more serious medical attention, get help from the park staff.


Having a two-way radio for your family members may also be a good idea. This will allow members to visit different rides or shows and still be able to find each other when necessary. Of course, you’ll want to keep young children with you, but older children will appreciate having a little more freedom. Plan regular check-ins to ensure everyone is alright.


Sunscreen is another item you’ll want to carry with you and apply throughout the day. Normally it is recommended that sunscreen be reapplied every two hours while you’re outdoors. However, if it’s particularly hot, you’ll want to reapply sunscreen more often.


Plan for emergencies; no matter how the weather looks when you get to the theme park that doesn’t mean it will stay clear. Talk about where you’ll meet in case there are serious weather conditions. By having a plan in case of an emergency you’ll be able to meet at a set place and remain there until everyone has arrived.


Tell your children who they are allowed to talk to in order to get help. Suggest your children contact only employees of the park in case they are separated from you. They will be able to take your child to a secure location and ensure you are reunited.


Finally, when thinking about theme park safety tips, remember to follow all rules which are posted in the parks. Remain seated on all rides and keep hands inside the rides. If everyone in your family follows the posted safety rules you can ensure your entire family will enjoy their day.


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